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Want to become a PowerApps partner?

Become a PowerApps partner! Attend a free PowerApps Partner Airlift to grow your capacity and business in PowerApps. If you’re a practice lead, ask your resources sign up for the Airlift today. It is best to build begin building your PowerApps capacity with a pre-sales architect and a solution architect to pursue new customer acquisitions and drive adoption of your Office, Dynamics and Azure solutions. Seats are limited and assigned on first-come, first-serve basis.


PowerApps Partner Airlift


Why add PowerApps to your practices?

  • Implement solutions with 3-month ROI
  • Save on developer time by nearly 70%
  • Modernize both 1st and 3rd party applications on one single platform


Why become a PowerApps partner?

  • Gain market visibility on powerapps.com
  • Run co-branded marketing campaigns
  • Drive targeted leads for your service offerings
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I am interested in becoming Power Apps partner

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I want to participate at the Airlift in Munich. The requirements there (https://www.microsoftevents.com/profile/form/index.cfm?PKformID=0x89730550001&ch=x5) state, that it is necessary to finish the beginner track of a learning path with the name "Power Apps and Microsoft Flow learning path". When I click on the link, I get 18 results, including 4 learning paths. However, the only one, which relates to PowerApps is "Create a canvas app in Power Apps". I don't think that this is the correct one. Maybe, after the creation of the event, these resources have changed.

Could you please tell me, what I need to complete, to fullfil the criteria.


Level 1 Contributor

We are working with Multiple client in PowerApps Application . PowerApps Application is using more than 300 active users and 30 concurrent users .

We will show demo as well with capablity. 


We are ready work with company who is using powerApps and Automate along with SQL , CDS ,Sharepoint Impala and any connector .    


Request you to kindly allow us to show us experience . 


PowerApps and Flow are great for building apps in 'low code fashion'!

I have seen several companies that have been able to build a decent practice out of it. I'm especially thinking about giving people with great understanding of business processes the ability to build apps that gives 'digital support'!

And low code/no code is really hot today! It's a way to democratize app development!


Regards, Per