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Building Partnerships & Alliances

Build a successful Microsoft practice through partners & alliances

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Use offshore expats for large scale software IPs

Many times you face a scenario where you get projects but lack the team which can fullfill the customer's requirement. 80% of the people rarely trust others who are not from their inner circle. Due to which they fall into a jeopardizing situation thereby inflicting maximum casualty to client's project and company reputation.
We at NCoreSoft, provide consulting for different forms of collaboration where clients can use our developers, use their own developers with our project managers who do daily sprints and milestone tracking.
Our 15 days challenge is one of the best offerings where we vouch the project's understanding and show a sample prototype of project's basic functionality on any of Angular 1/2/4 or React Native technology. Even if you dont go with us, I would request all of you to choose development partners on the basis of their expertise by giving a 15 days challenge.

You dont need to incur losses after suffering for 3 months. Prevention is better than Cure.

Shalin Jirawla

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Hi @Ncoresoft, have you created a marketing profile in Partner Center? This post in the community details how to do it. Please note, we ask partners to refrain from self-promoting on this site and instead to connect offline and utilize platforms such as the Partner Referral engine to connect and drive business opportunities together.