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Build a successful Microsoft practice through partners & alliances

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Season 1 – Greatest advice shared from a remarkable year…

As I approach the holidays and reflect on hosting a podcast and starting a consulting business, I pause here to reflect on the amazing experiences and share with you a body of work from a remarkable year.

During my pause, I recently scanned my 36 episodes. I don't yet profess to be an expert at podcasting, but my interview guests did an outstanding job sharing transformational strategies, technology trends, leadership advice and lessons on the art and science of partnering. It's a pretty decent compilation for technology professionals looking to stay current on the market forces, industry advances and partner strategies of companies like Microsoft with a little Google, Amazon, VMWare and Salesforce thrown in for good measure.

If you are interested in advancing your own knowledge base over the holidays, I've taken the time to catalogue by category the episodes to help you find the content that might be of interest to you.

Ultimate Guide - the art and science of partnering:

  1. How Microsoft thinks about its top partners, Eric Loper. http://bit.ly/2oAFSKg
  2. "Cloud -First" strategy, Microsoft's CSP Program, William Lewallen. http://bit.ly/2AVDnUC
  3. Microsoft P-Seller, Stephanie Martin. http://bit.ly/2AUnPR3
  4. New Microsoft OCP Decoded, Bill Hawkins. http://bit.ly/2wJB5qf
  5. Season of Change, Eric Loper. http://bit.ly/2wMhckg
  6. Channel Incentives, Scott Peltier. http://bit.ly/2AV9uUE
  7. CSP Update, William Lewallen. http://bit.ly/2xAos4F
  8. Licensing Partners, Scott Buth. http://bit.ly/2B7ZpHP

Partners that get it right - lessons from premier technology partners:

  1. Journey to premier status with Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Tony Safoian. http://apple.co/2uQQbMR
  2. 10th Magnitude - Anatomy of a born in the cloud partner, Jason Rook. http://bit.ly/2BuUNIW
  3. Avepoint leverages social, Dux Raymond Sy. http://bit.ly/2vRk5l3
  4. Adventos Transformation to ISV, Mariano Delle Donne. http://bit.ly/2w6U9yd
  5. Tribridge - Dynamics Partner of the Year, Tony DiBenedetto. http://bit.ly/2CWjK06
  6. Champion Solutions, Chris Pyle. http://bit.ly/2kG3KXM
  7. Armor Security, Dan Mannion. http://bit.ly/2AUTi5R
  8. Brand, Employees and Customers with 10th Magnitude, Jason Rook. http://bit.ly/2kcRrTs
  9. Kudzoo, Logan Cohen. http://bit.ly/2yT3LfY

It's happening so fast - trends in transformation:

  1. Microsoft Partners advancing 21st century policy, Jonathan Friebert. http://bit.ly/2kHC9W6
  2. Inspiring Partners, Kati Quigley. http://bit.ly/2wd8g3G
  3. Introducing Cloud Wave Partners. http://bit.ly/2f6zeqP
  4. Grit and Determination - http://bit.ly/2ikWfI2
  5. Partner Transformation, Toby Richards. http://bit.ly/2oBPWCV
  6. What's Next, Tiffani Bova. http://bit.ly/2CWBR6b
  7. On Leadership and Teams, Don Yaeger. http://bit.ly/2iU1w6S and http://bit.ly/2jfcpAp

What would Google say, how other Technology Giants think:

  1. Google Cloud Platform, Eric Rosenkrantz. http://bit.ly/2vJyHP7
  2. VMWare with Shawn Toldo. http://bit.ly/2j8SGoA
  3. Intermedia with Eric Martorano. http://bit.ly/2f8Xnu4
  4. Sales Force in Government, Casey Coleman. http://bit.ly/2kG8Fbi

Industry-focus - partner led:

  1. Government Cloud, Mike Batt. http://bit.ly/2oIwy7w
  2. Transforming Healthcare, Bill Hawkins. http://bit.ly/2B8w2W1
  3. Education Channel, Tom O'Neil. http://bit.ly/2kEpSlo
  4. Promise of Digital Health, Andrea McGonigle. http://bit.ly/2u0rrh8
  5. Public Safety, Rick Zak. http://bit.ly/2nEG3E7

I have many of great episodes planned for 2018, so I hope you stay tuned. Thank you for your support in 2017!

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