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Partnership to sell Readymade Intranet for Office365 and SharePoint

We are looking for Startegic CSP Partners to sell our Readymade Intranet for Office365 called TITAN. Please visit www.titan4work.com for product details. 

As a CSP partner you would agree that Office365 customers are struggling to increase adoption and they are looking for readymade solution that can enhance produtivity of their employees.  

TITAN would solve their pain areas by improving collaboration, instant information sharing, document management, workflow automation, task and project tracking through mobile. TITAN is the answer to that with its modern and scalable design and crafted with ease of use in mind. TITAN enhances seamless communication between all internal and external users including your desk-less staff enhanced employee productivity. TITAN is offered as SaaS for user per month recurring subscription. Partners will make additional recurring revenues through bundling TITAN with Office365 subscriptions and consulting.

If you are interesetd to sell TITAN in your country, please send us an e-mail at info@titan4work.com. 

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