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Need Tech Help at Your Small Business?

ICYMI - Microsoft GM Alyssa Fitzpatrick was interviewed by smallbizdaily. 


Where she shared the LUV for the Microsoft Partner Community (where you are right now!) and shared 7 answers where partners can find help to grow their business. Since she is the GM for the SMB space the focus on was SMB's. But, as Microsoft scales up and out across the partner ecosystem there is plenty of good information for partners of all types here.


Some of the more salient points to me are below. The full article can be found here - Need Tech Help at Your Small Business? (or via in Alyssa's LI profile😞


Training --- it's FREE and widely available:

Microsoft puts such an effort toward providing trainings, certifications, and resources for our partners with tools like Microsoft Learning Path and on-demand courses.


Partner Model Specifications --- clear and easy to know where you stand

We’re looking for partners who truly know their customers and have core technical competencies that align closely with customer needs.


Focus on the M2P Engagement - IMHO ... this is nice to see.

We recently launched the Microsoft Partner Community website to encourage P2P and Microsoft-to-partner (M2P) collaboration. Smiley Very Happy