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Looking for a Indirect Reseller to Partner with

We are an MSSP that currently supports multiple SIEM platforms and we have just recently become a Microsoft Partner and are looking to expand our SIEM offerings to the Azure Sentinel product.


We are looking for an indirect reseller that can help us in a couple of areas.


What we need:


  1. We need a vendor who can scope our prospects environment alongside of Binary which will aid both teams in understanding what licensing they will need to support the Azure Sentinel product and what the potential data storage could be from that scoped environment.


  1. We need to be able to have the prospect buy the licensing required in #1 above directly through you so that monthly billing is between the prospect and your company.
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I'll keep on the lookout for you Michele. My new role will have me working closely with Microsoft partners. I was pleasantly surprised to see your post 🙂