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Looking for Partnerships with IoT Projects

Hi Partners,

We are a start-up company that have developed an IoT Sensor platform, that connects to Azure IoT hub in less than 5 minutes. It is a Microsoft Azure Certified Hardware product, and we are currently on the hunt for investors to help fund us. Our Sensors are fully automated and we are able to measure 86 different "things" from Temperature to Carbon Monoxide. The sensor can be reconfigured from Azure using Direct Methods, and we are offering Remote Firmware updates with new functionality, regular updates etc. Our sensors are a part of the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog.

Since the IoT Sensor market is an evolving market, it is very difficult to "read" it and try to figure out what exactly the end-users are requesting. We are looking for Partners that we can collaborate with to make the best sensors on the market. Right now what customers want, and what they will pay, is only hypothesis from IoT manufactures, trying to break the barrier to the upcoming market.

My question to all of you, is if any Solution Providors would like to help us with questions like speciel customer requests, how ready is the market for IoT solutions among SMBs, what is stopping IoT projects in SMBs at the moment etc. We are looking for one or more Trusted Partners.

Best regards,

Peter Jordan