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Just Published Our First App in Appsource

Hello All: We have just published one of our Power App build application (Leave Management) in App source. 

Leave management is a fully functioning, Microsoft 365 integrated, leave approval system, that incorporates Microsoft Flow communication, using an application driven hierarchical structure. The application has a natural division between administrative functions (Company Leave Maintenance) and Leave entry (leave applications & Approvals).

Leave management is a configurable tool for managing your team’s leave requests. The leave requests can be seen using a calendar interface which can be viewed using 3 different views: Monthly /Weekly /Daily. The system has a graphical user interface which makes the user interactions easy and efficient. The managers can look at applied leave and can approve/reject accordingly using his dashboard view.


Please let me know if you want to see a Demo OR want to learn more about this app.


Thanks in Advance!

Raj Talukdar




Congrats to the launch of your app. As an ISV we are exploring the Teams app requirements and understanding of this may drive business and ROI in our roadmap discussions. 


Would it be possible to hear about your reasoning around the teams app and if you have any data - high level you can share? Have you got any co-marketing support from Microsoft and so on? 


Looking forward to hear more, and wishing the success on your launch!



Kind regards Ati 

Ati Serpoushan, VP of Microsoft and 0365 Partners for Hive Streaming
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Hi Ati: Sure we would love to have a discussion on this. let's connect on Teams as per your availability.



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where is the link

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