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How to Partner with other CSP partners

Would like recommendations on what the correct way to go about setting up partnerships with other CSP partners? My company tried the invitation route within the partner network but it didnt return any results and we are looking to find other CSP partners that are looking to establish partner relationships with hopes of either help filling any gaps with their current business and vice versa.

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Hi @NetFlowTech, good question. Have you tried the "Find a Partner" feature in Partner Center? This allows you to filter on both your organization size and geographic location. Please let me know if that doesn't work.


Great reply from Karen about how to search for them online.

I want to add another perspective! First I suggest that you look at what you want other CSPs to do for you, then you look at what you are in need of for your own end-customer related business. Perhaps you are just looking for partners to resell your offerings and that is fine (that's the standard concept of building a Partner Channel).

It is of course easier for you to find companies that have offerings that you can resell (always popular to be the one bringing someone business...) - but when you want to others to resell your stuff you will need to be structured and well-organized. I have developed the P2P Maturity Model that gives you great advice for how to do it and I suggest that you take a deep dive on it (www.p2pmaturitymodel.com).

It is super important that your CSP resellers don't feel that they are competing with you. If you continue to sell direct to customers there's always a potential risk that trust is in jeopardy. In order to avoid this you can either stop selling direct yourself, or say that on certain markets (geographies/verticals/size) you always go indirect through a fellow CSP that acts as your reseller. 

You will need to create a great value proposition for your reseller CSPs so that they see the benefits of working with you. They will need be armed with great (free) training, relevant sales support material and you should make sure that it is super easy for them to business with you. It always helps if you have customer referenences that are relevant to their market - if your references are foreign they will always be less worth than if they are local.

How to find your CSPs? I suggest that you narrow it down to a few CSPs that you think will be a great fit, and where you see that you can add value. Then you personally contact them with an intro email and then over the phone - and if travel is worth it, you see them in-person because that is the always preferred way to seal the deal. It is also a great advice to hook up with the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (www.iamcp.org) and to attend membership meetings in the geographies where you want to find your CSP partners.

Final advice is that 'givers will gain' - you should support your CSPs by generating leads and give them to your CSP resellers. When someone sees that you are actively helping them to get business - then you are on your path to success.


Regards, Per