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Episode 26: Peeling back on Microsoft's channel incentives investments

Microsoft Channel Incentives can be a complex and polarizing topic for Microsoft partners. In this episode of this special series, "Season of Change and Transformation", I interview Microsoft's US Channel Lead - Scott Peltier.

Scott and I peel back the topic of Microsoft channel incentives available to approximately 100,000 Microsoft Partners in the U.S Market. Scott simplifies the topic, how channel incentives have evolved to support the transformation and feedback he receives from partners.

Scott does a nice job of discussing his approach to the business. He provides insights and appreciation for what makes a great partnership, how the approach to partners has evolved to better support the business and why Microsoft is the place for partners to place their big bets. Scott also gives advice for partners looking to better engage with him and his team.

In the interview, we also discuss his career journey, valuable lessons he learned when he started in his career, role models and advice he gives to the people he mentors.

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