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Building Partnerships & Alliances

Build a successful Microsoft practice through partners & alliances

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We are a new generation of IP partner that is now co-sell ready. We have developed a product called Chatbot Author aimed at consultants to create, share, measure and evolve chatbots for complex knowledge such as regulations and procedures. The chatbots are based on scripts deployed via the client's Azure to drive consumption and using the dialogue-data for new forms of business intelligence. We have a win-win model so partners can develop new forms of IP in the form of knowledge maps and dialogue-data. For the advanced partner they can mix the chatbot microservice with Microsoft's LUIS, QnA Maker, Cognitive Services, Adapative Cards, PowerBi and much more. We have developed an incredible amount of insights to drive digital transformation. Any partners please let me know Freddie McMahon fmcmahon8@df2020.com.