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COVID 19 Exit Tools



In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, companies around the world shut their offices and encouraged teams to work remotely. 


Now that lockdowns have been lifted, a key question business leaders need to ask is "who do we bring back?"


At Searchie we have developed a suite of video-based, AI tools to help leaders and employers to inform their decisions on 3 levels:


  1. Who is healthy to bring back to work? We developed Mediscreen to help employers prioritise which team members are safe to bring back.
  2. Which teams work most effectively and why? We developed culture pulse to help employers understand the core behavioural dynamics of their teams.
  3. Which new people should I bring in to enhance my existing teams? We developed recruitment to screen and prioritise candidates for interview.

Two of the apps can be found on the Marketplace 



If you are interested in helping us share these unique video based tools with clients, please contact us to get started.