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Building the business case for Azure adoption

I am looking for partners that are seeking to build a better business case for Azure adoption.


We built cloudstep to help our business - advance customer decisions and reduce the risk of cloud migrations. After 2 years of development and modelling of more than 30 organisations - we would now like to make cloudstep available to partner organisations like you. 

If you were unable to join our recent webinar live, or would like to review the cloudstep application some more --

please find a recording here:  


A future webinar event will be scheduled shortly - and it will focus on the TRANSITION modules available within cloudstep.  You can keep your exisitng transtion or migration processes and gain better insight to its progress against the agreed budget and approved business case.  (or you can simply use ours) Stay tuned.


If you would like to scheudle a 1:1 demonstration simply email sales@cloudstep.io with your preffered time.

Daryl Knight
Partner / CRO

cloudstep® puts a financial lens across your organisation - and allows you to look at scenarios for reforms. cloudstep will build a five year capital and operational expenditure overview in seconds and will build complex business cases based on evidence and your customers costs, not assumptions.