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Looking for partners to resell Award winning ignio Cognitive procurement product

An AI/ML driven, procure-to-pay analytics product

A Virtual Procurement Analyst for Enterprises

ignio Cognitive Procurement is an AI-based Procurement Analytics solution that screens purchase and claims transactions to identify opportunities to

·       Increase Savings

·       Reduce Processing Costs

·       Improve Compliance

It acts as a virtual procurement assistant that analyses, monitors and flags transactions requiring human attention, and helps make informed decisions.

It analyses historical transactions to learn your procurement behavior and monitors current transactions to detect anomalies like price variances, fallouts, or potential fraud. The outcome is a judicious blend of speed and efficiency in the procurement process that encourages intervention only on a need basis.

You could leverage ignio Cognitive Procurement for several other use cases:

·       Identifying spend that can be brought under management

·       Identifying bias in awarding purchase orders to vendors

·       Identifying conditions that drive delays in delivery of items

·       Identifying conditions that drive unfavorable payment terms

·       Guiding vendor selection and price negotiation

·       Predicting invoice processing fallouts



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Very interesting product. I definitely see the value.