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Are you building Xamarin apps for clients? Are you including app risk assessment and/or management?

PreEmptive is looking for a select group of consulting/integration partners who see the value of incorporating application risk assessments and (where appropriate) implementing supplemental mobile app controls as an add-on to a larger (existing) application development and/or DevOps practice.


Our premise is that app dev consultants/service providers are the best positioned to include app risk assessment and implementation services to their existing app dev practice. Security and privacy by design and by default needs to be more than a mantra and app dev and SI partners are uniquely suited to help their clients more effectively meet growing app-specific cybersecurity threats and compliance obligations.


Why partner with PreEmptive?

• Our technology is proven, trusted and widely adopted – running on over 500K developer desktops (we make Dotfuscator and now includes deep support for Xamarin apps).

• We have over 5,000 commercial clients and that almost guarantees that we have some overlap with your client-base – and have a presence beyond.

• The training required to achieve a high degree of competence in our technology is low – but the flexibility to develop client-specific behaviors to support individual client requirements is extensive.

• We have preliminary materials that we are willing to expand and adapt to support common clients. These include assessment guidelines, project planning templates, and sample code.


Where is there most likely going to be a fit?

Example subject areas where we can add value include (but are not limited to):

• PCI Compliance (for mobile or desktop applications): obligations include required application obfuscation, detection and response to runtime conditions such as rooted devices and/or tampering).

• GDPR or other privacy related obligations like California Consumer Privacy Act: obligations include “state-of-the-art” controls to prevent unauthorized monitoring and tampering of apps to get at sensitive data.

• Defend Trade Secrets Act or other Intellectual Property legislation like the EU’s Trade Secrets Directive or even DMCA.


Interested in exploring how we can work together to help our clients (and expand our respective businesses)? Please contact me directly - through this community or at sebastian@preemptive.com.