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Our Journey to #Buildfor2030 together

As part of our #BuildFor2030 campaign, we’ve been recognizing partner solutions that support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and enable inclusive economic growth and resilience.


In this first year of #BuildFor2030 we were able to highlight 80 partners and their innovative solutions that are driving impact. As we wrap up our final milestone, it’s a moment for us to look back at this past year and some of the partner stories that made it possible.


In my blog post, I reflect on the five milestones of #BuildFor2030 showcasing partner solutions that are doing their part to build a better world that’s more inclusive, sustainable, trusted and equitable.


You can explore more about this campaign here and in our Build for Impact forum.


Have questions about participating? Register for our AMA: Join us to #BuildFor2030 here

Submit your solution to be featured in the #BuildFor2030 campaign at aka.ms/partners/BuildFor2030.