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Zero-Trust Security: Why Does Microsoft Consider Commercial Customers' IT Admins Above Reproach, & Expose Itself, & Its Support Engg. To Malpractices?

I would like to make the following statement: If Microsoft was so serious about "Zero-Trust" security, then, why has it not made all forms of its log dumps - read-only - so that, B2B customers, & Microsoft support agents alike, would be assured that the data uploaded by the former, (B2B IT Admins), to the latter's, (Microsoft's), FTP site - has genuine integrity ?!? For instance, this has already been done for the cloud-based, & on-premises #B2C consumers, with the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, (MSDT); whereby an "#ActiveX control...is used to securely transfer files, & diagnostic utilities from Microsoft, & to upload information back to Microsoft. This file is stored in the %windir%\Downloaded Program Files folder." (Source: https://tinyurl.com/54arvefa) So, with this tool, operator error isn't possible either inadvertently, or intentionally, as the process is automated, & the logs are read-only. However, in the case of B2B customers' logs, only those who are cloud-based customers, have such protection. For example, "if you sign in to the Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant, (SaRA), by using an account in Office365, you also see an option to send your files to Microsoft. This option is helpful if you are working with a Microsoft support engineer. Select Send to have your log files securely uploaded." (Source: https://tinyurl.com/hb3by3v3) However, on-premises B2B customers are not so well-protected, & the integrity of their data can be doubtful, when it is in the hands of IT admins or Support Engineer-agents alike ! This has proved costly, recently, when an IT Admin intentionally damaged his firm's M365 cloud network. (Source: https://tinyurl.com/ad3vffrt) So, IT Admins aren't above reproach ! Read-Only semi-automated logging, & uploading of these logs to Microsoft is all the more imperative, because some diagnostic packages may require enabling tracing, or specific logs that may "remain" enabled on the computer until the diagnostic uploads troubleshooting information to Microsoft Support. A support agent cannot simply have the IT admin client upload these logs while on call with them, as these logs have to "remain" enabled for sometime, longer than the duration of the average phone call between any of the parties, for these logs to be useful enough to Microsoft utilities to identify & analyze the root cause. So, the logger cannot verify remoting in, (except by being onsite, & in-person), whether the logs are genuine ! In retrospect, this is a gaping loophole, & no stone must be unturned to ensure Zero-Trust security, & an urgent tweak is necessary to restore confidence in the Integrity of the after-sales Microsoft support function ! (Verbose, time-&-memory-intensive logging resources gathered should be worth the effort made by Support Engineers.)

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Security is important factor in any field.before any work you must complete the security issue of your demanded workd

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You are stating the obvious in general terms. You are not addressing the specific issue of why Microsoft is not making its B2B customer logging tools - read-only, considering that the IT Admins who upload them to the Microsoft FTP site, (through their tickets) - are not above reproach !