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Write the Next Chapter of Your Business Story in the Cloud

Without a doubt, cloud computing has changed the playing field for businesses. As companies struggle with finding the right way to keep up with the transforming landscape, it’s becoming clear that those who are willing to invest in their cloud migration are the ones who are able to differentiate and stay competitive in a saturated market. With innovation shifting to public datacenters, pressure is on ISVs to develop their own cloud roadmap.

In today's MPN blog titled “Write the Next Chapter of your Business Story in the Cloud,” we investigate how two ISVs have found success in the cloud. Cloud transformation stories like these provide both a glimpse into the future of technology, as well as a model for transforming a business of your own. For more information on how to partner with Microsoft, visit aka.ms/isv.

What challenges have you overcome as a business when it comes to cloud migration and digital transformation? Share your thoughts with the Microsoft Partner Community here!