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Upcoming improvements to membership and referrals

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We are moving to a new, single destination to manage your membership. We're taking a thoughtful, staged approach, inviting partners based on the availability of the new platform’s technical capabilities and features. Invitations are being sent now and will continue throughout the rest of 2018, with PMC being retired once all partner accounts have been successfully moved.

For now, partners should plan to manage their membership in Partner Membership Center (PMC). Once we have everything ready for you, you'll get an email invitation to move your membership from PMC and create a new account. If you were previously invited to set up your account in Partner Center, don’t worry—all your information is available and ready to use; just select Dashboard from any partner.microsoft.com page.

From your dashboard, you can enroll in or renew your MPN membership (Microsoft Action Pack subscription or competency), access benefits and programs, and get started with referrals.

Prepare for the move today by signing into PMC and doing the following:

  • Ensure your organizational and primary contact information is up to date
  • Verify your business locations, add new ones, and/or remove any that are no longer valid
  • Add any critical new users, and/or remove any users who no longer require access or have left your organization

Once you get your Invitation, you’ll be guided to:

  • Create a new account for partner.microsoft.com and sign in using your work email address. If you need help at this stage, you should reach out to your IT admin.
  • For more details about setting up your new account, read our account set-up guide. If you have questions or need more help, let us know.

One of the most common requests we hear from partners is about helping you connect with customers.

When your account is set up, you can create a business profile that adds your organization to our referrals search experience. We then use machine learning—along with data from your business profile, customer feedback, information from LinkedIn about your expertise, and other objective criteria—to make the right connections. 

Learn more in our referrals guide, then create your business profile and manage your referrals. Again, if you are already familiar with this functionality in Partner Center, it’s all still available. Access your business profile by selecting Dashboard from any partner.microsoft.com page.


Let us know your thoughts, comment below!