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Transforming Processes in the World of Modern Marketing

When it comes to marketing, many partners are using the same old strategies that just don’t work in our modern work environment.  It's worth taking a step back and asking: when customers are beginning their buying process, how am I building relationships and establishing trust by educating them and helping to solve their problems?

In today's MPN blog titled "Transforming Processes in the World of Modern Marketing,"  Co-Founder and Director of Microsoft Partner company Mogrify, Melanie Unwin, shares insight on the importance of finding the right partner for B2B marketing. Her team took a strategic look at the challenges and goals of Australian company Bistech, laid out the foundation for a modern marketing transformation, and was able to generate results.

How have you experienced similar marketing transformations? What advice would you give other partners looking to do the same? Share your thoughts with the Microsoft Partner Community here.


Thanks for sharing Karen! Just wanted to add that although we would classify this as "marketing transformation", the story is also about how Australian-based Partner Bistech created a unique go-to-market offering targeting a specific industry (retail). A great lesson for other partners!