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Three ways to make the most of your Microsoft Inspire experience

Author: Julie Golding

At Microsoft Inspire, we shared details around big changes to Microsoft 365, introduced new playbooks and e-books, and shared new ways we’re helping you attract and reach more customers. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of these announcements to continue strengthening your partnership with Microsoft and grow your business:

1. Follow up on connections

One of the simplest things to do after Microsoft Inspire is follow up on the conversations and ideas you shared with new connections. Make sure to connect on LinkedIn, and join the Microsoft Inspire conversation on the Microsoft Partner Community to keep networking all year long. There’s no need to wait till next July!

2. Take advantage of new partner resources

During the Corenotes at Microsoft Inspire, you heard about the great new programs and initiatives first announced July 12 that will help us take advantage of the USD4.5 trillion market opportunity together.

“We have already positioned several products that we saw at Inspire with our clients and have used some of the video content from Inspire to position Microsoft as a trusted partner in security and the modern workplace.”

Chief Technology Officer, CIO Services

Follow these links to see specifics of the announcements and how you can use these resources to grow your business:

Apps and Services Innovation

  1. New innovations to Microsoft 365, including a free version of Microsoft Teams
  2. New cloud, apps, and data technologies
  3. New e-books about digital transformation
  4. New practice development playbooks

Ways to attract and reach more customers:

  1. Advanced specializations to help customers understand your area of expertise
  2. The new Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) program
  3. Enhancing AppSource as the entry point for selling with Microsoft
  4. Flexible benefits for competency partners

3. Get ready for next year’s Microsoft Inspire

The earlier you plan your trip to Microsoft Inspire, the easier it is to decide who you’ll bring, budget for the trip, and set your goals for attending the event. There’s a lot to do at Microsoft Inspire, so knowing what you’d like to accomplish is key.

“[Preparation] starts straight after the event with a ‘lessons learned,’ what didn’t work for me and what did. That way I don’t make the same mistakes twice!”

General Manager, Resource IT

Another reason to plan early: the sooner you register, the more you’ll save. Register today for just USD1,995 before All Access Pass prices increase!


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  3. Register today
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