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Responding to COVID-19: Partner guidance and resources.

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Renew Microsoft Partnership amid active IT on/offboarding

We are all glad to learn of Microsofts recently announced extention for all competency anniversaries between July 1 and December 31, 2021 to the next anniversary date in 2022. In light of recent increases in job placement activity in IT, it is difficult to track the IT certifications of our staff to confirm we still meet competencies for Gold or Silver membership.


If a Microsoft partner currently holds Gold or Silver membership based on previously completed competencies, can they simply pay the renewal fee without evaluating competency or must they still prove competency for the membership level before paying the renewal fee to keep the current membership level? 


With some SMB orgs losing and hiring so quickly, it can be difficult to determine who holds what certs and which certs meet membership requirements. Can the org simply pay the renewal fee without worrying who they have lost and who they've hired and who's certs match competency requirements?