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New advanced specializations announced on Blogs

Hello Partners,


Did you see Dan Truax's latest post in Microsoft Partner blog?

"Customers need to be able to easily identify the right partner with capabilities that will meet their specific needs. For services partners, achieving an advanced specialization is a powerful way to validate, differentiate and showcase your organization’s technical capabilities and experience. I’m excited to share new advanced specializations that can help you stand out in the marketplace and grow your organization as a result." Read more.


Learn more about advanced specializations here.

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Level 6 Contributor

At the moment all the emphasis appears to be on the advanced specializations with no new competencies or expert MSP. 

Will there be any future expert MSP programs such as one relating to M365?
Other than Azure virtual desktop there's no advanced specialization around the desktop, so will we see one relating to that at some point?
Can we equate competencies to SMB partners, advanced specializations to midmarket partners and expert MSP to enterprise level partners now as some of the performance thresholds become more and more unobtainable for the smaller partners?


Great questions @JASA1976 !

I am looping in @herickso to add an input on this.