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Myth-Busting Artificial Intelligence

The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence are regularly making headlines and either inspiring thoughtful dialogue or dramatic entertainment. However, there are a lot of misconceptions, requiring much-needed myth-busting around the topic. Read the newest MPN blog to hear AI aficionado and author of "Disruptive Marketing", Geoffrey Colon offer up some necessary clarification and myth-busting around the topic.


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Level 4 Contributor

With all of the hype around AI and machine learning come many factual inaccuracies. Let’s separate the truth from the fiction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage—from self-driving cars and personal assistants, to chatbots and email scheduling associates that are taking routine tasks out of human hands.

Every technology organization—whether start up or long established now has ‘AI’ in its offerings and many are making promises of aspirational functionality.

In this confusing landscape, being able to separate the reality from the myths with regards to AI in the marketplace is essential.

It’s easy to be misled by the popular myths and misconceptions about AI. Below are some of the myths about AI that you should be aware of in order make better decisions about where to invest time and resources.

Following are some myths with regards to AI:

• AI is smarter than people.

• Companies don’t need AI in strategy.

• You need a data lake to train your AI.

• AI will displace humans and make contact center jobs obsolete.

• AI algorithms can magically make sense of any and all of your messy data.

• Machine learning use neural nets, and that computers can learn the way humans learn.

• You need data scientists, machine learning experts, and huge budgets to use AI for the business.

• Cognitive AI technologies are able to understand and solve new problems the way the human brain can.

Level 5 Contributor

Jacob Morgan talks a lot about the Future of Work and has a great podcast episode with an MIT guy about AI myths vs reality: