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How to Improve Customer Experience in the Cloud

Customers are no longer just choosing to partner with the service providers who offer the best prices, or even the best services. It is up to the partner to know what their customer wants and needs. This is why customer perception is so important: it has a direct impact on behavior and creates the memories on which customer loyalty is built. Understanding your customer experience is really about getting in their heads and looking at your organization from their perspective over the length of the customer journey.

Jennifer Tomlinson, Senior Marketing Manager at Microsoft, explains why customer experience is so important in her recent blog and highlights the value of the Microsoft Cloud Dasboard.

Have you tried out the Microsoft Cloud Dashboard tool? How has it helped you improve your customer experience? Please share your thoughts below.

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I`m onto a cloud based call center busines which works on Microsoft Cloud Phone System. I would like to summarize how it  benfits my customers.


Access to the Customer Data

Cloud offers a platform for customer data and any authorised person in need of it can access it from anywhere. The cloud-hosted call centers integrate with the CRM, and the agents have every needed customer information handy.


With the help of analytics, customer data can be analysed leading to some meaningful results. These results further help in making strategies to deliver a much better customer experience.


For example, if a group of customers has shown their interest in a particular kind of service as shown in the customer data results, then new strategies can be devised with keeping the customer experience related to those services in focus and execute the strategies.

2. Apt Proactiveness

Customers look for customer support where they have to invest the least amount of time. Microsoft Cloud PBX -hosted call center software integrates with several business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


These applications enhance the overall potential of the cloud-hosted call center because the agents can easily use the available information in the customer-agent conversation and influence the customers with solution-specific ideas.


An appropriate reply in the least amount of time is what customers look for. Another advantage of the proactiveness is that it encourages loyalty from the customers and makes them willing to use the customer support service once again.

3. Reduced Call Waiting

The traditional call setup doesn’t allow more than a certain number of simultaneous calls. Once the available phone line is engaged, a customer calling the same line falls in the call waiting line despite an available agent.


Another benefit that comes with cloud-based call centers is the number of simultaneous calls. Calls completing on cloud don’t have any limitation in terms of the number of simultaneous calls.


It reduces the call waiting for the customers, substantially and, also utilises the agent availability to the best possible level. Call waiting time is inversely proportional to the overall customer experience.