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Grow your business with licensing renewals

Renew Leads Action Guide

Bain and Co. estimates that a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by up to 25% We know the importance of retaining customers, so we created the Renew Leads Action Guide  to help our partners optimize the licensing renewal process, simply and programmatically:  

The guide explains steps for partners to follow: Recognize the key decision points, understand your customer, journey to exponential growth, transition customers to the cloud, plan for success, and measure success. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Ensure your customers know you’re dedicated to their business for the long term by finding any key decision points and any gaps in their customer journeys.  
  1. Understand your customers and ensure they know you’re dedicated to their business for the long term.
    • Discovering their pain points.
    • Bridging gaps in their business streams.
    • Deliver the benefits you’ve promised.
    • Know when partner subscriptions are expiring with the My Insights dashboard.
    • Know what tech your customers use to discover trends and service needs.
    • Utilize FastTrack for adoption planning.
  1. Journey to exponential growth
    • Follow our four-step framework of engage, commit, renew, and grow to create a foundation.
    • Build personalized experiences across all customer touchpoints.
    • Take advantage of Microsoft’s go-to-market resources on partner.microsoft.com
    • Train your customers on new features, maintain their marketing touch points, and track their success.
  1. Transition your legacy customers to the cloud with the following:Chart blog pic.png


  1. Plan for success and sell it right
    • Track cloud extensions, plan for future selling opportunities, train sellers, and add collaborators if necessary.
    • Become a Digital Partner of Record.
  2. Measure your success with metrics that include monthly recurring revenue, percentage of recurring revenue, average revenue per user, and total customer lifetime value to measure your success.

The Renew Leads Action Guide demonstrates the billion dollar renewals opportunity. The time and planning to create this type of customer value will help set your business up for long-term success.

As a partner, having access to a network of information and other partners gives you a vast advantage over the competition. If you utilize the action guide and other partner resources, earning licensing renewals and improving your sales can become less daunting and a lot more exciting.