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Extend Your Services with AI-Powered Solutions

The market excitement around artificial intelligence and cognitive services has partners asking: what new strategies are available to re-engage customers, and how can I partake in these opportunities? Customers want to know how they can leverage Microsoft’s flexible platform to infuse intelligence into their products and services, gaining efficiency, insight, and innovation.

In MPN’s latest blog, Extend Your Services with AI-Powered Solutions, CTO of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Group Eduardo Kassner illustrates exciting advancements in the world of artificial intelligence. In Enterprise Cloud Strategy, the book he co-authored with Barry Briggs, he examines key industry developments and the opportunities available through digital transformation initiatives, such as the intersection of Internet of things with big data and machine learning, how bots are connecting to corporate data sources, and ways that AI is being utilized in healthcare.

We’d love to hear how you are helping your customers mine information in new ways, at cloud scale, using machine learning, IoT, and cognitive services. Share your process with the Microsoft Partner Community here.