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Build a Mentorship Program for Your Workplace

When discussing how they got to where they are today, successful professionals often seem to have a story of how a mentor made a difference in their career. Great mentors have the ability to shed light on industry realities, provide real-world career advice, and inspire passion for the work you do. Establishing a formal mentoring program at your company can make a big difference in terms of corporate culture, leadership development, succession planning, and knowledge transfer. It helps companies set a course for growth, increase employee morale and motivation, and even reduce turnover and absenteeism.

In today’s MPN blog, Should You Have a Mentoring Program?,  we reveal the key implementation strategies that will help you create an organic yet business-focused mentoring program.

Have you established a formal mentorship program within your business? What strategies have let to its success? Share your thoughts and experiences about mentoring programs with the Microsoft Partner Community.