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Announcing the Microsoft Partner Community

If you are reading this, there is a high chance you were redirected here from the recent MPN Blog. If you are new to the Microsoft Partner Community (MPC), welcome! We are glad you're here. Our goal is that you’ll find the content and conversations valuable, and will use this site to build and strengthen your relationships with other partners and Microsoft. To be able to contribute, please click "Register" in the top right of the page.

What are you most excited to discuss on the new Microsoft Partner Community platform? We always welcome your feedback on both content you would like to see and how you think we should improve the site - feel free to post your thoughts below!

Level 1 Contributor

Hi Karen - like many others in the partner community I am sure, I am delighted to see this finally go live.  I know how hard you have all worked and how challenging it has been to get to here, and I am really looking forward to seeing the impact of all of your efforts.  The most important thing for all of us is to keep this community informative, current and valuable so please can we make sure that we do all we can to keep this a clean, vibrant, business community that works together to drive mutual growth and value.  The more useful content we can post and engage in, the more opportunity we will all create for our businesses.  Look forward to seeing the growth in reach and impact - Julie

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Hi @JulieSimpson, thank you for your thoughtful response! We are indeed developing a robust content strategy to ensure content is not only useful but also drives vital partner and Microsoft business conversations. Please provide us your feedback in the Feedback discussion forum with suggestions for areas of improvement, content vehicles we can leverage or how we can improve the site functionality to make it as valuable as possible.

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Do you thing that there are any opportunities to Microsoft customers for taking advantage on this new community of Microsoft partners?


Hey there, thanks for registering to our brand new community and for your question.

Currently, Microsoft Partner Community is targeted towards Microsoft partners to network with each other and with Microsoft. However, this site is open to all including Microsoft customers (and often times our partners are our customers Smiley Happy). There is currently no information tailored to Microsoft customers.

If you have feedback to influence our roadmap on how you would like to see this site evolve to be inclusive of Microsoft customer opportunities, let us know using our Feedback forum. This can be accessed via the footer at the bottom of every Microsoft Partner Community page.

Thanks and "see" you around!


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Hello Jenny:

It would be beneficial and cleaner in the long run if the registration process involved a cross-check with our MPN IDs. I believe the current registration process anyone to register here.



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Looking forward to an "awareness campaign" to share how our PowerLine automated application code generator can save our partners 50 60 or 70% on development cost and time to market.