3 Steps to Recruit, Train, and Hire Top Talent

Hey Microsoft Partner Community! My name is Melissa Mulholland and am the Cloud Profitability Lead, and am really excited to work closely with you. I focus on how to help partners build and accelerate their Cloud practice to develop a profitable business. 


One way I do so is through a series of blog posts on MPN that align to hot topic areas that Partners have expressed an interest in learning more about.  My latest blog post highlights 3 steps to recruit, train, and hire top talent to drive cloud adoption and growth:


What hiring and training practices have you found to be most successful in building and growing your cloud business? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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When hiring the right fit, the recruitment process needs to be effective, efficient, and tailored to the needs of your company. The first step in recruiting top talent is to have a great company culture that will attract talent. Then comes with a great job description and posting on the right job board portals. In the job description do define what you are looking for in your talent say skills & traits. Later comes follow up potential talents promptly and provide feedback to candidates.

Developing talent from within the company is a process that usually takes time and patience and is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The process for developing top talent from within the company usually starts with identifying the potential employees with the right skillset. Companies should also provide development opportunities for growth & success within the company. Companies should have a clear idea of what their employees' career paths are and improvise accordingly. By upskilling, there are high chances that employees will be taking up more responsibilities.

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