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3 Microsoft Solutions can Transform Your Digital Marketing

The customer journey is shifting rapidly. Now, 70% of a customer’s decision-making process is complete before they ever engage with sales. Pivoting to meet this shifting paradigm requires a digital transformation enabled by tools and platforms that when used together provide a holistic view of your customer. To successfully transform your marketing engine, you must put in the effort to understand your customer and create targeted content and messaging that is engaging, relevant, and actionable.

In today’s blog titled “How 3 Microsoft Solutions can Transform Your Digital Marketing,” we showcase 3 solutions designed to help simplify and transform your organization’s digital marketing strategy. The blog highlights how Bing Ads can be used to engage with prospective buyers throughout the customer journey and how LinkedIn can then empower your organization to create compelling, relevant, and measurable B2B content. Further, the blog discusses how leveraging the power of the Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign Network can help drive awareness, increase demand, and accelerate sales by serving dynamic Microsoft content directly to your website.

How are you engaging with your customer base through search and compelling content? Share your thoughts on your digital marketing transformation with the Microsoft Partner Community here.