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Upskill on Azure Technology Today!

Are you a Microsoft Partner and want to upskill or get certified on Azure Technology?


View the latest resources and pages for you here!   

Partner Training Centre  

Find your role, select a product or solution and pick the learning path for your skill level to begin the recommended training for Microsoft products and solutions. 

Partner training Calendar  



 Discover the Microsoft Partner Skilling Experience program. This is a fantastic opportunity for knowledge updating as well as knowledge development and learning through a variety of activities. Prepare to succeed with your Microsoft certifications! 

Find training and sign up. Trainings include; 

  • Live virtual instructor led trainings 
  • Practice test training 
  • Labs 

Enterprise Skills Initiative(ESI) 



Enterprise Skills Initiative (ESI) is an invite only program for enterprises and partners that are upskilling many employees on Microsoft technology. 

ESI provides access to virtual instructor-led training sessions, discounted seats for certification classroom-training at training-partners, certification exam vouchers and more. 

Get Started at 
Learner Experience Portal (LxP) 

LxP Demo Video: https://aka.ms/LxPWalkthroughVideo 

To launch the LxP, we recommend following the steps below:   

  • Using the latest version of the following browsers: Edge Chromium, Safari or Chrome 
  • Enable all cookies from 3rd party sites 
  • Use your corporate email domain when logging in. If your email doesn’t work, you might have a corporate UPN ID, which you will need to use when instead. 
  • For first time: Clear your cache and try in-private window 

Schedule your Azure Exam: Demo Video at https://aka.ms/LxPExamDiscountVideo 

Having issues? - Visit ESI Support at ESISupport.Microsoft.com 


Certification Campaigns 


We are committed to helping you get Microsoft certified, so take advantage of our free Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings, Practice Tests and much more within our certification campaigns. Commence your learning process with on-demand tracks and join a free Practice test session to receive an exam voucher to become certified. 

Certification campaigns are a terrific way for employees at partner organizations to upskill and get certified on role-based certifications, with predefined paths consisting of on-demand content, VILTs (Virtual Instructor Led Trainings), Practice Test Sessions and FREE exam vouchers upon completion of their certification path, which will take approx. 1.5-2 months to complete! 

The image below is a great illustration of how partners can promote role-based certification tracks for their employees: 


Virtual Training Days 



Join us for the free Microsoft Virtual Training Days!

Whether you're a cloud expert or a novice, or looking for real-world strategies to customize your digital journey, our expert webinars will help you transform your business and achieve full potential using the Microsoft Cloud platform. Get started on your journey - explore our webinars below for Developers and IT professionals and register for the subjects best suited to you and your organization and gain access to free exam vouchers! 


As your organization adapts to new ways of working, learning, and achieving, get the technical skills you need to move forward with confidence at Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days. Learn how Microsoft Azure’s cloud service solutions can help your business stay up and running while overcoming challenges big and small.


Whether it’s the fundamentals of the Azure cloud, migrating servers, or more complex skills like modernizing web apps and building data warehouses, we have learning available for every skill level. Regardless of where or what work needs to get done, Microsoft is here to help. 


Let’s move forward together. 


Other learning resources

MS Learn


Microsoft Learn provides people with a free, centralized place to: 

  • Access the latest documentation and training on Microsoft products 
  • Catered content to your interests 

Learning modules are created by Microsoft’s engineering and content teams. Microsoft Learn is fun – by creating a profile you can: 

  • Track your progress 
  • Work your way through modules and learning paths to gain XP points 
  • Unlock trophies and achievements  
  • Access live sandbox environments to increase your hands-on activity 

Create an account today and start learning.  You can link accounts meaning your progress can come with you to your new employer. 

There’s a Poster with all Microsoft certifications with links to ms learn content. 


Microsoft Cloud Workshop(MCW) and What the Hack 


MCW is a hands-on community development experience - do a workshop by yourself or in group with coworkers to train 

Use our customer-ready content to host workshops that foster cloud learning and adoption. Contribute your own content and feedback to add to a robust database of training guides for deploying advanced Azure workloads on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Topics covered include;

  • Application development 
  • Azure infrastructure 
  • Data 
  • IoT 
  • Advance analytics/artificial intelligence. 

"What the Hack" is a set of challenge based hackathons that can be hosted in-person or virtually via Microsoft Teams. 

Attendees work in squads of 3 to 5 people to solve a series of technical challenges for a given technology or solution scenario. Challenges describe high-level tasks and goals to be accomplished. Challenges are not step-by-step labs. 


What The Hack is designed to be a collaborative learning experience. Attendees "learn from" and "share with" each other. Without step-by-step instructions given for the challenges, attendees have to "figure it out" together as a team. This results in greater knowledge retention for the attendees.


Azure Arc Jumpstart 


The Azure Arc Jumpstart project is designed to provide a “zero to hero” experience so you can start working with Azure Arc right away! 


The Jumpstart provides step-by-step guides for independent Azure Arc scenarios that incorporate as much automation as possible, detailed screenshots and code samples, and a rich and comprehensive experience while getting started with the Azure Arc platform. 


Azure sentinel ninja 



A walk through of Azure Sentinel level 400 training, to help you become an Azure Sentinel master. 


Kubernetes learning path 



 This is meant for anyone interested in learning more about Kubernetes. In just 50 days, you’ll understand the basics of Kubernetes and get hands-on experience with its various components, capabilities, and solutions, including Azure Kubernetes Service. Go from zero to hero with Kubernetes 


Azure DevOps generator 


Azure DevOps Demo Generator helps you create projects on your Azure DevOps Organization with pre-populated sample content that includes source code, work items, iterations, service endpoints, build and release definitions based on a template you choose 

Get started here. 


Visual Resources


Channel 9 


Channel 9 is a community meant for developers, designers, students, researchers, PM’s, and systems administrators. Though their videos, they cover most Microsoft technology – not just Azure. 

Microsoft mechanics 




This is a YouTube channel. It’s Microsoft's official video series for IT Pros. Watch & share valuable content and demos from the people who build it. It focuses on demos, how-tos and insights for Microsoft 365, Azure, Office, Windows, Surface and quantum computing. 


Cloud Skills Challenge