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Register for Modern Analytics solutions with Azure Synapse Analytics

Dear partners,

Microsoft Norway is pleased to inform and invite you to our Modern Analytics solutions with Azure Synapse Analytics training 18th June.


Date and Time: 18.06.2021 | 09:00 - 16:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Event Language: English

Audiences: Pre-Sales Technical / Business / Technical

Level: Beginner

Competencies: Data Analytics


An introductory workshop
Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analysis. It provides many possibilities to build and query relational and big data in Azure in a massive scale.
In this 1-day workshop you will get a thoughtful introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics. We will help you to get aligned with the concept of Data Lakehouse, SQL On-demand, and raw data processing in Synapse Analytics. We will start from the very beginning of service deployment and we will go step by step to see how the service can help in building Modern Analytics Solutions in Azure.
We will touch the Massive Parallel Processing SQL Pool (Formerly Azure DW) concept so that you can see how the provisioning, loading data in SQL Pool and working with the massive parallel processing data warehouse, you will hear some design good practices as well.
The workshop is rich of demos and examples which can help you build a good understanding and a basic knowledge of Synapse Analytics so that you can dive deeper later. 
As part of the workshop, we have an interactive whiteboard design session, which will provide you with a good knowledge check and will give options to hear from others. Discussions and questions are more then welcomed during the interactive session. 
Attend this workshop and learn the basics of Azure Synapse Analytics!
This workshop is suitable for:
  • Business leaders and IT-technical professionals who have interest in data analytics.
  • Individuals who want to start their professional journey in Azure data analytics platform.
  • Azure architects and solution architects who would like to understand what Azure Synapse Analytics can provide to their data platform.
Benefits from attending this workshop.
By attending this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Describe core concepts and purpose of Azure Synapse Analytics – when to use it in your modern data platform designs.
  • Explain the main elements of Azure Synapse Analytics and how they can be used together.
  • Understand what the SQL On Demand is
  • Understand what the SQL Pools is
  • Understand how different Azure services can be used along with Azure Synapse Analytics to achieve modern analytics solution.
Workshop content:
  • Module 1: Overview and the main building blocks, Provisioning Synapse workspace
  • Module 2: SQL On-demand and Azure Data lake house concept
  • Module 3: SQL Pool (formerly Azure SQL DW)
  • Whiteboard design practice
  • Module 4: Using Azure services with Synapse Analytics to build a modern data platform solution.
No preparation is required before attending this analytics workshop.