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Moving AVM instance to a different subscription.

I am planning a new deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop as a VDI solution for our user base and am currently using a PAYG subscription but plan to setup something more long term in the near future.

My question is, if I set everything up from the resources groups, host pools, workspaces etc etc etc under the PAYG subscription, will it be possible to migrate this over to a new subscription? And how easy will this be? Are there any cautionarys that I should be aware of before investing time into the project?


Many thanks for any feedback. 


If the new subscription is under the same tenant and has the same resource providers enabled, it is likely to work. However, if you use disk encryption sets or anything else that has to do with managed identities there is no guarantee. The best way would be to automate the deployment using Devops/Github and re-roll-out everything by targeting the new subscription. As a best practice, we always advise using Infrastructure-as-code whenever possible.