MEM Support for Win 10 Multi-Session reaches Public Preview

On behalf of the WVD Product Group, announcing the good news that MEM support for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session is now in Public Preview. The team has provided a detailed list of the work done as well as a link for further information - all provided below.
  • Enrollment:
    • HAADJ userless enrollment support for multi-session
    • HAADJ Co-management support for multi-session
    • Securely process VDI metadata and tag VMs relevant info during enrollment\check-in
  • WVD:
    • Metadata support with signing
  • Windows client:
    • Management stack change to distinguish user and device only MDM sync sessions
  • Management optimizations:
    • Settings Catalog support with multi-session filter
    • Support of ADMX (backed and ingested) via settings Catalog
    • Device targeted compliance support
    • Existing RA policies will work with added support to show device\user scope
    • Existing app types that can be configured in device context are supported
    • Check-in and sidecar changes to support scope filtering of various payloads to make sure user experience isn’t disrupted
    • Fix CSPs across all workloads that error out on the VMs and cause bad ITPro experience
  • Targeting\Assignment filters:
    • Assignment filters support for multi-session SKU
    • V1.1 supports only device targeting
  • Remote actions:
    • Disabled disruptive actions
  • VM Clean up:
    • Aggressive default clean up rules for inactive multi-session devices
  • AADJ support:
    • Once AADJ M1 Public Preview starts, there will also be MEM support for AADJ VMs (both single-session and multi-session)

For additional details, please visit Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session remote desktops.