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Launching AVD remote apps from sharepoint portal



We have an application which needs a separate configuration file specified on the command line per country (72) and per country also seperate DTAP (4)
So, this would mean that I have to create, publish and maintain 288 Azure virtual desktop app icons.

That's not really handy, we would rather have the operational companies to this themselves.

We are thinking about publishing and launching the app with the configuration from a shaepoint page, which they already have.

Is something like that possible ? if yes, would be great, then we can also more easy integrate other AVD apps in the environment. 

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@akieft , thanks for thinking with me... 
We ended up using variables in the command line parameters, those variables are set dependent on the country and environment.
This works pretty ok for now...
The application we are talking about is actually Microsoft's , It is Navision 2017 😉 (no, we cannot migrate this to Dynamics)


Hi Vinisz,


From what I found out; this is not possible today with AVD.  A quick fix could be to create a simple launcher app with a dropdown selecting the country (potentially based on group membership), this would in turn trigger the executable with the correct country configuration. Would give you 1 app to expose, instead of 288.

Alternatively it sounds like an application that could do with a bit of modernization, but might not be feasible or a longer-term goal.
In case you want to dig deeper into this, I would suggest to consult the Partner Technical Pre-sales and Deployment team via for further assistance.
Hope this helps.