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Important actions partners need to take to secure the partner ecosystem

Important capabilities and changes that minimize potential fraud damage to your customers’ subscriptions:

  • Use the new subscription cancellation capability to suspend Azure plans and related subscriptions within Partner Center if a customer’s subscriptions have been compromised. To learn more, see Cancel an Azure subscription
  • The Acceptable Use Policy has been updated to explicitly prohibit mining for cryptocurrencies across all Microsoft Online Services unless written pre-approval is granted by Microsoft.

Other changes

  • Email notifications to customers: As communicated in the November announcement, this feature is now live.

We appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing to work with you to improve the security of our ecosystem.

Next steps

Additional information

  • To request Azure quota changes, start here by selecting Submit a Support ticket. Once in the Azure portal, follow these steps:
    1. Create a support request.
    2. Select Issue Type - Service and Subscription Limits (quotas).
    3. Select the Subscription that you want to change the quota on.
    4. Select Quota type, for example, Spot or Batch.
    5. Select Next, and continue doing so until your request is submitted in Review + Create.
  • The updated Acceptable Use Policy, which is part of the Microsoft Product Terms, went into effect on December 1, 2022. This change applies to all new licenses. Existing licenses will be subject to the new Acceptable Use Policy upon renewal. During this phase-in period, it’s possible for a customer to have multiple licenses under different acceptable use policies, depending on each license’s renewal date. We suggest seeking written pre-approval from Microsoft before using Microsoft Online Services for mining cryptocurrencies, regardless of the term of a subscription.