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Updated Azure Virtual Desktop pricing calculator

This year we have made some updates to the Azure pricing calculator to improve the overall experience for sellers, customers and partners. Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure . These improvements include:


  • New product name
  • An updated layout to automatically include
    • A Storage section with both managed disk and file storage bandwidth
  • a custom section detailing cost per user – this will get improved in the next revision


There are more updates to come though which are planned for released in the first half of Fy22 (dates yet to be finalized):

  1. Inclusion of Licenses and per user pricing option
  2. Text updates for storage – info bubbles
  3. Less than 100 users & greater than 5,000 users
  4. Cost per user pricing in each individual section
  5. Recommended option that will auto-populate based on certain inputs – similar to the existing cost solution configurator spreadsheet
Dean Cefola has also published a new training video through his Azure Academy focused on the recent improvements to the Azure Pricing Calculator for AVD engagements. Link here (3) Get The Most Out of The Cloud - YouTube.
(*article written by Andre Kieft)