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The Developer’s Guide to Azure

Develop on Azure from day one - using common app design scenarios


Develop on a cloud platform that’s designed for you

In the latest update to the Developer’s Guide to Azure, learn how to get up and running on any project in minutes with fully configured, secure, cloud-hosted development environments. Discover how to get the most from key Azure services to help your organization adapt to rapidly changing business needs.


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See demos and real-world apps in action

Explore step-by-step demos in the guide to:

  • Create and customize dashboards in the Azure portal, and then share them with team members.
  • Create and deploy a simple .NET Core web app and database using the Azure portal.
  • Extend your app to perform data analytics using Azure Logic Apps and Cognitive Services.
  • Set up continuous delivery with GitHub to automatically deploy changes in a continuous delivery pipeline—making your apps more robust and easier to update.

Develop on Azure from day one—using common app design scenarios