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Azure Announcements Newsletter August 13st, 2021

This week, there are 24 announcements:


  • General Availability (6)
  • New Features (4)
  • Preview Features (8)
  • Pricing Updates (2)
  • Region Updates (3)
  • Updated Features (1)

We’re also including a list of links to YouTube videos by Principal Cloud Solution Architect – John Savill!

Azure Infrastructure Weekly Update – 8th August 2021 - https://youtu.be/vYtW-uTxG_M

DevOps Master Class Part 1 – Foundation - https://youtu.be/YMdtaWfU_QE

Windows 365 Deep Dive - https://youtu.be/EHV9Z4it-c8

First part of the DevOps Master Class where we dive into core foundational concepts and get ready for the rest of the course.GitHub repo has all links and ma...
This week's new things around Azure!Azure SQL MI backup resiliency - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/azure-sql/configuring-backup-storage-redundancy-i...
What is Windows 365? How do I use it? How does it compare to Azure Virtual Desktop? Find out :-)Whiteboard - https://github.com/johnthebrit/RandomStuff/blob/...