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Publish BC app without test drive offering

Hi all,

We are to list a really simple app for BC and thus we are thinking of not offering any test drive.

In that case, are there any specific requirements for publising other than the usual?

Moreover, if we would like to offer a trial period, what are the options here?

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Re: Publish BC app without test drive offering

The requirements by offer type can ber found here:

Simply pick your offer type and you can review the business and technical requirements.

Other trial options and requirements for those trials are listed here: 


Re: Publish BC app without test drive offering


The Test Drive option is not a requirement. It is only optional. Please check this link out and go down to the publishing process section.

That explains all the accounts you need to setup first. You might already have some or all of them setup

Step 2 can be skipped as you don't need to share your app idea with us.

It also explains the requirements you need to meet from a technical and marketing standpoint.

Then, it shows you how to publish your app for validation via our portal.