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Business Central Test Automation Process

Hello. There is a -includeTestToolkit script I  am trying to run in our Business Central Development Shell to enable me import the TestToolKit but it gives us errors about a missing docker container. Please assist. Thank you 

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Re: Business Central Test Automation Process

@PatrickBM Is this something you can assist with?


Re: Business Central Test Automation Process

Hi Mohammed, I saw a similar thread here: https://github.com/Microsoft/navcontainerhelper/issues/195

Does that thread, or other discussions on this github repo help?



Let me know. If not I'll try and find someone from Business Central team.



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Re: Business Central Test Automation Process

I use it when spinning up a new Docker container.

But your container is already running. Re-create it or do the following



Use this powershell command to copy the test tool from a Docker container named DOCKER01 to c:\temp on the host.

"docker cp "DOCKER01:C:\TestToolKit" "C:\temp""

Use "docker ps -a" to find your exact container name, it probably "DYN365BC"


From here you can import the fobs in the C/SIDE


Good luck