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server 2016 licensing

i want to license 2 physica lserver and 6 VMs 


how many server license do i need?


my physical server are 8 Cores CPU. 


Additionally you need to consider how VMs are reassigned - e.g. if you configure the environments that all 6 VMs can fail over to each server, you may need to license each physical server for running 6 VMs (= 3x 16Core Standard edition per server or 1x 16 core Datacenter). This described as "licensing for peak capacity in http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/D/4/3D42BDC2-6725-4B29-B75A-A5B04179958B/WindowsServer2016VirtualTech_VLBrief.pdf 


Level 6 Contributor

  • A minimum of 8 core licenses is required for each physical processor and a minimum of 16 core licenses is required for each server.
  • Core licenses are sold in packs of two.
  • Standard Edition provides rights for up to 2 Operating System Environments or Windows Servers containers with Hyper-V isolation when all physical cores in the server are licensed. For each additional 1 or 2 VMs, all the physical cores in the server must be licensed again.

So each host needs a 16 core minimum license. You can license each host again to cover running an additional 2 VMs per host. If you're clustering then plan and license each host for the max VMs it could have on it even for 1 second.