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Trust relationship two domains Keeps dropping relationship every 25 days

Hi All,


We are having a returning problem, ill try to explain it but english is not my native language:

We've made a one-way trust relationschip between two domains. The relationship between these domains keep dropping after 24/25 days. We would expect a event log with an ID, but its not generating one.

The trust is not visible anymore on one of the servers(DC02), we can onley get the relationship back after going trough the steps of making a one-way trust.


The Enviroment:

The trust relationship is build between two Active Directory Servers. One at my domain(DC01 win2016) and one at another domain(DC02). The DC02 and old domain used to be a SBS2011, we upgraded this one to a win2016. This relationship is used for an VDI solution.


What we tried:

- Trying to use a two-way trust. This dropped the trust even more;

- Network check (policies and port controle);

- Looked trough the event viewer for faults;

- Replication status of the domains.


We suspect thats its because the DC02 used to be an SBS server with his own Limitations concerning Domain & Trusts. Could it be that after the migration these limitations are still applying? Or could it be something else? Is there a solution for this?

The Domain Controllers are Server 2016 Datacenters and have the 'server essentials experience role'. We assume this could not be a reason.