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Killing the last on-prem Server / Azure AD Hybrid Join & moving 'full Cloud'

Hi All,


We have a client who is running in an Azure AD Hybrid Join scenario (Azure AD Connect sying user & computer into Azure AD). They have fully migrated into Sharepoint/Onedrive and there really isn't any need for there remaining on-prem server (Domain controller, was housing file shares which are now migrated).


I'm struggling to find documenation or guidance on this scenario - basically, we want to end the AzureAD Connect Sync as the on-prem DC should no longer be needed and the client would like to decomission it.


I understand what is involved to end AADConnect when just syning user identity; I have the docs on the AzureAD Powershell cmdlets to run to mark the identities as 'in cloud' so we can manage them from there.


What I'm unsure of - and can't find any info on - is what happens to the AzureAD Hybrid joined computers. Some of the questions that are popping up for our team:

- Do we need to unjoin them from the local 'on prem' domain?

- Will the user need to switch from their current user profile (started as a 'normal' AD profile pre-exisitng the AADC/Hybrid join config) and sign back in using their O365 Id (as if it was a fresh Azure AD joined computer never on an on-prem domain?)

- Do the computers need to be 'rejoined' into Azure AD?


Has anyone already gone throught this, or have any pointers to documentation that can assist? Our biggest concerns is the user/computer impact once local AD is gone and we are just working with Azure AD. 


Thanks in advance,


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