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Complement Azure AD with an efficient Governance solution

Azure AD has indeed simplified access management by leaps and bounds. It allows you to create identities and manage them with ease. It increases efficiency using single sign-on, password management, and many more functionalities.

While all the accesses are taken care of seamlessly, these accesses must be governed with ease as well.

Ilantus’ Compact Identity is an Identity Governance and Administration solution integrated with Azure AD to provide complete Identity and Access Management solution.

You can govern the access of all the employees while ensuring they get the accesses they are entitled to. Review the accesses in a timely manner, such that they are allowed or revoke based on the requirement. Manage the lifecycle of all the employees, provisioning, de-provisioning and even orphan account management which ensures there is no access or account left for an imposter to take over.


As important as it is to stay productive and provide the right access, it is equally important to secure the accesses.

Revolutionize your Azure AD experience with Compact Identity.


Let us know what you think about this and we can connect over providing complete Identity and Access Management solutions to your customers.



Preethi Anchan, Ilantus Technologies