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Australia Virtual Inspire 2020

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Level 4 Contributor

Seeing the masses smile again.


Good call - bring back the 'innocent sneeze'


Has a certain ring to it

Level 4 Contributor

Freedom exercising - Being able to walk in both directions around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. The ACT Government has been persuading citizens to walk in one direction only. If I am walking my mate's dog and it goes the other way, I usually look at my mate and pretend it is not our dog anymore.


I also miss travelling down to Melbourne where the AvePoint Australia office is. 



Level 5 Contributor

An innocent sneeze or cough definitely gets suspicious looks.

Level 3 Contributor

Sneezing in public without people looking at you like your a leppa (i have allergies)


Public Transport, ok for others not me just to get them off the road.


Sitting an exam in person.


Microsoft Teams = Balanced 'non commuting' life   😁

Level 5 Contributor

Since last week I have noticed a big increase in traffic around Brisbane. It made me realise how quick it has been over the last few months. Not looking forward to it.


The long hours back in traffic 😀

Level 5 Contributor

You're right it's the simple things. I hope many of us embrace a 'simpler' way of living. So many societal benefits.

Level 4 Contributor

Going to a craft brewery and enjoying a parma and a range of ales with some good friends and family.

Baby steps!!


Level 4 Contributor

 Last year I was fortunate enough to attend Inspire personally in Vegas, then spent 5 days in France following the Tour de France, and then spent 1.5 weeks in Bologna, Italy, officiating the European U19 Gridiron Championships. 


Was a fantastic 4 weeks, with great personal growth opportunities in all locations.

Level 5 Contributor

I love camping, hiking, and climbing. I can't wait to get out camping and go climbing again. Iv'e only been climbing over the past couple of years and I've been going all out at it! 


Level 5 Contributor

Definitely sports is a big one!


Did you officiate at the world championship in Woollongong last year?


I'm one of the rare Australian's who follow the NFL. You're even more so rarer to officiate in games!

Level 4 Contributor

Travelling internationally, going to Inspire in person.


I officiate American Football here in Australia and have the opportunity to officiate at International tournaments previously, looking forward to taking this up again in the future as well as attend other sporting events (Tour De France, that I got to go to last year).

Level 5 Contributor

Post-covid bucketlist - What are you looking forward to the most?

For me, travel and skiing. 

More travel around Australia. But Europe's alpine walking trails are calling me.


Hoping that 2022 is an epic snowfall season!