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Australia Virtual Inspire 2020

Share insights, discuss our learnings and participate in fun activities throughout Virtual Inspire 2020.

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Great Sessions and hard to keep up glad to see some recordings are also made available.



I work for a startup MPN as a Cloud Service Provider looking in various ways to Build a well developed business practice on the Modern Workplace and Business Applications.


Offering added value in services and products in Human Capital Management Area. Ensure these services are aligned to be successful to current business environment. On demand, Agile and as a Business Partner, Just In Time with the right information (JIT for HR) and key value to drive the success and ensure our clients succeed.

Standard framework and work area that has in mind a clear end-user experience showing exceptional gains by contributing and placing efforts where, when and how they are needed most and valued at its best by end users.

Professional services covering large amount of world best in class practices within the working areas as for example Project Management (PMI standards), Human Resources (SOPs), Transactional Data Processing and Solutions in Operating Areas to ensure the success of clients is maintained.

Understanding business requirements, procedures and have focus on priorities when engaging with an enormous amount of varied range of work related tasks. Summarized as - The overall Success for Clients - Understand the Business Requirements is in line with the basic principals of client end user experiences, products, services and origins. The products and services are elicited with this goal in mind “The Client Success - Within Mission, Vision and Core Values”.

There is a large offering of ´best practices´ and a wide range of products and services offered within these areas. All combined and written in important metrics to work within “Passionate Performance which is Accountable, Measurable, and Results driven by client successes”.

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I have had a couple of great "Partner Conversation" sessions which proved to be good networking opportunities as long as you are willing to pipe up. I recommend trying them out if you haven't yet. 


Would be keen for a Teams based Post-Inspire Beer and De-brief if others are. 

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What is "real" anymore.......

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Agree that the biggest loser in the 'Virtual' Inspire is the informal networking opportunities that I got from physically attending Inspire last year.


That being said the 'virtual' format allows you to consume a much greater volume of content - I've had sessions from early in the morning to late at night each day and even have had to setup both my Surface Books so I could attend sessions concurrently that overlapped - couldn't do that in the 'real' world

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Agreed the session burn is real.....


Havent had the chance to network in between.

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Post Inspire - Building Relationships

Hi Everyone,


I don't know about you, but with the volume of sessions I'm trying to cram in and still technically working, managing family life etc, I'm finding it hard to find time to connect with new people during Inspire. So I thought I'd reach out and see how everyone else is going so far and gauge interest in a Post Inspire catchup of sorts.


I'm proposing we post a little about ourselves and our jobs etc here to give others in the Aussie Partner community a chance to reach out (or perhaps a shoulder to cry on for brain overload) 🙂



I work for a 20 seat MSP in Newcastle with a focus on Modern Desk & Azure IaaS.



Most of my role entails designing/implementing Azure solutions as well as Technical client management & supporting junior technical staff.


We're in the process of building our Azure practice around WVD to go to market with packaged offerings. 



Hoping there are some others in a similar position to connect with. I'd still personally like to have a "chew the fat" style virtual meetup post Inspire if others are keen?