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Post Inspire - Building Relationships

Hi Everyone,


I don't know about you, but with the volume of sessions I'm trying to cram in and still technically working, managing family life etc, I'm finding it hard to find time to connect with new people during Inspire. So I thought I'd reach out and see how everyone else is going so far and gauge interest in a Post Inspire catchup of sorts.


I'm proposing we post a little about ourselves and our jobs etc here to give others in the Aussie Partner community a chance to reach out (or perhaps a shoulder to cry on for brain overload) 🙂



I work for a 20 seat MSP in Newcastle with a focus on Modern Desk & Azure IaaS.



Most of my role entails designing/implementing Azure solutions as well as Technical client management & supporting junior technical staff.


We're in the process of building our Azure practice around WVD to go to market with packaged offerings. 



Hoping there are some others in a similar position to connect with. I'd still personally like to have a "chew the fat" style virtual meetup post Inspire if others are keen?