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Australia Virtual Inspire 2020

Share insights, discuss our learnings and participate in fun activities throughout Virtual Inspire 2020.

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Level 5 Contributor

It's an incredible solution that they have come up with to run the quiz.

Level 5 Contributor

What's been your standout product/service so far?

Level 5 Contributor

You are right, the key to all of this is working together collectively. Fingers crossed it gets under control soon.

Visitor 1

Hello All,

Dan here, I work for an Australian Gold Partner MSP & Professional Services Org.


I'm hoping to get to some of the IOT sessions but it's not looking good with calendar clashes, failing that anything in the Azure space is of interest.

Visitor 2

We're a strong MSP based primarily in Melbourne and Sydney. We're a MS Gold Partner across six disciplines - Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration & Content, Communications, Datacenter and Messenging.


We've been doing a lot of Teams and Telstra Calling for Office 365 work with our other primary partner Telstra. We work across SMB, Mid-Market and Enterprise. 


Quite interested in the Windows Virtual Desktop solution and Azure Migration Program for some of our larger customers. 


P.s. I'm in lockdown 2.0 in Melbourne!

Level 3 Contributor

For sure mate. hit me up on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregnash78/

Level 4 Contributor



I might actually take you up on that offer. I'm always keen to keep learning new things. Might be an "after Inspire" thing.

Level 3 Contributor

Thanks for the plug Matt. Looking forward to that quiz. 


Our little tech stack gets better each time we run it. 



Anyone, hit me up if you want a tour of the Forms/Power Automate/CDS/Power BI back end. 

Level 2 Contributor

Hi there,
I run a small MSP in Melbourne that's a MS Silver Partner.

Just here to learn what's new in the partner space and to see what other products and services are coming for partners and end users.

Level 4 Contributor

Hey Matt,


That sounds like a great idea. Signing up now 🙂

Level 5 Contributor

Hey Greg


I hope you're doing well mate.


Are you ready for the global Power Platform quizzing mayhem that you're all about to unleash?


For those interested: https://www.meetup.com/Power-Platform-Pub-Quiz-PPPQ/

Level 3 Contributor

Hi all, 


Melbourne based Data Platform and Power BI specialist. Locked down but enjoying today immensely!

Level 4 Contributor

Absolutely, I've made the comment numerous times now, that's it's incredible how quickly we've been able to move forward with technological advancements and rollouts when a lot of the previous "red tape" has been removed as a result of needing to rollout new enhancements as a result of COVID.


This has provided the IT industry with a huge amount of opportunity to show how these enhancements can improve productivity to businesses.

Level 4 Contributor

Hi Matt, all,


The numbers have been seesawing but it's just popped up to 484. So while we will deal with 2.0, there's a looming threat of Stage 4 and what that means for mental health, businesses and the economy - and that's without getting into what may have been avoidable.


At the end of the day, making new connections and solving/conquering together, has got to be a positive we create through all this! Do you agree?



Level 5 Contributor

Hi all, Evan here! I'm currently locked down in Melbourne, but not locked out of Inspire! Really enjoying it thus far, looking to learn more about what's in the pipeline to add value to our customers in this new world! 

Level 5 Contributor

Hi Ben

Love the image. I hope you're doing well in lockdown 2.0

Level 4 Contributor

Hi all,


Ben Cordeiro here, CTO at Panviva, an ISV run out of Melb, building an intelligent knowledge delivery ecosystem on Azure.

Would love to chat with others doing co-sell, as well as those who share a passion for supporting and partnering with Aussie businesses.



Level 4 Contributor

I'm from Sydney, having started my own independent company and looking at growing my business, particularly focusing on Modern Desktop & Azure solutions.


Attended Inspire previously through a previous employer and was keen to become a Microsoft Partner when I started my new company initially so I could attend future Inspire events, as I got so much out of it previously.


Keen to get to know fellow Partners and see how we help each other grow.

Level 3 Contributor

Sean Here,


Im From Central Coast NSW, working with an MSP in Newcastle.


Just moved from Sydney To Newcastle and change of market

Level 4 Contributor

Hi @MattBurr 

Great to connect with you on here 😁

Thanks for starting this thread to help each other connect.

Level 2 Contributor

Hey Eric/Matt,


I've also spent some time in SE QLD - winters are glorious.  Canberra may not be warm but its always sunny.

Level 5 Contributor

I'm an ex-Canberran who was lured away by the warm Brisbane winters 🙂

Level 4 Contributor

Hi @Chappo 


Good to see a fellow Canberrean on here 😃


I work for AvePoint Australia and am home-based.





Level 4 Contributor

Gday Team,


Michael bell here, working from Newstead, Brisbane. 


Working for a Gold Partner, managing both the AU and NZ relationship. Everything from OCP, Marketplace, AE Connections, Marketing, and Portfolio Planning. 


I'm keen to understand more about Power Platform and D365 updates that we can use to build new solutions for our customers this year. 


Feel free to shoot me a DM if you're keen to connect! 


Level 3 Contributor

Hi all,


I'm working for an MSP in Melbourne focussing on Cloud, Infrastructure and Security solutions.


Looking to learn more about the MS partner eco-system and forthcoming features  and tools in Azure and M365.