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Australia Virtual Inspire 2020

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Level 3 Contributor

Favourite toy as a child - Inspector Gadget doll

What gives you hope - Events like this, Meeting good People.

Self care - Wim Hof breathing exercises and Mindfulness are total lifesavers


Level 5 Contributor

Favourite game/toy: Wow, so many...probably Lego! 

What gives you hope? There are plenty of things I could talk to, but seeing as this is inspire, watching "Inside Bills Brain" and understanding all of his philanthropy work definitely gave me hope. 

What is your self care regime? I run, climb (boulder, sport, and trad), read, and do yoga 🙂 

Level 2 Contributor

what was your favorite Game\Toy growing up? Atari 2600 as for games on that frogger!

What gives you hope? The fact that we can learn to adapt and change the way we use technology when road blocks and excuses are removed.

What is your self care regimen? Walk (almost daily), but honestly I'm enjoying the downtime when it's there as it's been refreshing and good for the mind.

Level 4 Contributor

Might have to add that session to my list of ones to watch\listen.


Favourite Toy growing up - Lego - the joy of building things with your hands and seeing the completed product, nothing better.

Gives you hope - the way that companies are now seeing the benefits of being able to work remotely and how much increased productivity this can bring.


Self care - Playing sport and using my gym set of a morning.

Level 3 Contributor

what was your favorite Game\Toy growing up? Hero Quest

What gives you hope? To learn something new everyday

What is your self care regimen? Exercise to counter balance the junk food, Keeping positive in isolation and communicating with family and friends

Level 3 Contributor

Kollective Kindness lets meet new people

just watching Kevin Carroll


So all 3 questions to get us started!


what was your favorite Game\Toy growing up?

What gives you hope?

What is your self care regimen?